Randy’s Pizza Challenge:
30” Challenge Rules
The Rules
4 people Have 30 minutes to eat a 30" Two Topping Pizza 1 of which has to be a meat.
 Toppings not included are: any leaf topping. Contestants must not leave the dining room area while competing.
No bathroom breaks once timer has started.
You may stand at any time during challenge. If someone gets sick the whole team is disqualified..
Contestants must call in a reservation at least a day in advance and also let us know how many
Spectators will be coming for organizational purposes call 651-777-1400 or email randy@premierpizza.com.
The Contest is typically not  done between the hours of 11:45am - 12:30 pm Mon – Fri and 5:00pm – 7:30pm any day,
(but some arrangements can be made during this time, Check with Management)

If Successful Winners receive The Pizza Free and a T-Shirt that says
" I cant believe I ate the Whole Thing
 Randy’s Pizza 30" Challenge"
If they Don't Eat it all They Pay $94.00 and Can buy a Shirt for $11.50 that says:
option1: " I can't believe I Almost ate the Whole Thing
        Randy's Pizza Pizza 30" Challenge"
option 2 " I can't believe I didn’t even come close”
option 3 " I can't believe my teamates let me down”
                Randys Premier Pizza
                6030 50Th St Oakdale, MN 55128
We also have a 36inch Challenge with 5 People
                      a 48inch Challenge with 9 People
   and a 30inch Chocholate Chip Cookie Challenge
Additional Challenges:
30inch Challenge with 2 People $500.00 Awarded
30inch Challenge Single Person $1000.00
36inch Challenge with 3 People $500.00
36inch Challenge with 2 people $1000.00
48Inch Challenge with 5 People $500.00
48Inch Challenge with 3 People $1000.00